Employment Retirement Income Security Act

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) provides complex and extensive rules regarding the tax treatment of employment benefit plan transactions.

Once a retirement or health plan has been established, ERISA governs issues such as: vesting, termination, and payment of benefits; minimum coverage requirements; minimum funding requirements; and employer liability for breach of fiduciary duty, prohibited transactions, and improper investments.

ERISA is an incredibly dense and complicated area of the law that many attorneys are hesitant to work with. Thankfully, Ourednik Law Offices is prepared to handle all of your ERISA issues. Whether you are looking to start a plan, maintain one, or suspect that your plan may be in trouble, Ourednik Law Offices is prepared to serve you.

Contact Ourednik Law Offices today to see how we can solve your ERISA problems.

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